Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Virtual Assistant

I have decided to embark upon being an entrepreneur and going into business for myself. I have the skills and background with a professional attitude that would make a company proud to hire me. I SEE myself working on my own and giving more than 100% professional quality work. I will market myself as a prime and upscale "Virtual Assistant".

What is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is:
"A work from home independent contractor who is hired by an outside company to assist with office, Data Entry, clerical, administrative, Human Resources, customer service, publishing, any official office work opportunity with proficient experience and professional attitude and excellent work ethics". The more experience a virtual assistant has the better they can market themselves in every area in business.

Virtual assistants' must have the proper equipment and up to date technology to complete any task that is requested by a company or corporation. Because of our present economic status, a legitimate work-from-home business opportunity can be extremely arudous when finding the right persons to do the job. Research is most important to gain knowledge of this new field to ensure that assistant and employer are the right fit.

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